The best way is to use our system !

Our system increases your chances of winning Euro Millions, UK Lotto and Thunderball " It’s not rocket science, but a Great Idea! "

Finding the winning numbers for Euromillions or UK Lotto is a problem that every player encounters.

Regardless of the lottery, finding the winning numbers is a very difficult undertaking, and chance is the sole master of the game! Just like anyone, you would like to find a technique, a method or a system to win the lotto!? We have developed an excellent system ! It can be summed up in the following sentence : “Knowing the right combination ahead of time is impossible. But getting UP TO TWICE MORE CHANCE of picking the right numbers IS POSSIBLE!”

 Actually, luck is unpredictable and giving you the right numbers is impossible (and would be cheating). But other aspects of the game do NOT depend on luck: the amount of numbers per grid, the number of numbers to pick etc. It's these aspects that we took into consideration when developing our system! Conclusion: With THIS SYSTEM, you have as much AS DOUBLE MORE CHANCE of finding the winning numbers!!!

It's not rocket science, but a Great Idea !

Winning the Jackpot will remain the exception, but the goal is elsewhere.
 Initially, it is the winnings with 4 or 5 numbers that are our Target ! A Win with 5 numbers and one star for Euro Millions is already 1 Million… !
The Jackpot would be a bonus!
: 99% of players never win more than 3 numbers and this throughout their lifetime !

Testimonies (Euro Millions)

SALAH 23/12/14

Win  7 648,90 € to EuroMillions
with 4 numbers and 2 stars

Our “Star Player” who won twice with 4 good numbers in 6 months
“07/15/2013 For the second time I have just won € 1600.30 in the lottery this Saturday, not beating my first record of € 1884.60 ! But I think that the jackpot is coming, and soon !”

Weena (Tahiti)

Lottery Keno  5 of 5 winning numbers !  Ticket =>

Amina’s testimony: OUR FIRST WINNER IN 2014! Loto 01/13/2014
“Good evening! I won 1265,40 Euros tonight when playing the loto! I want to thank you for that! I owe it to your system that I bought in December. I used the series #1. My numbers are 3, 29, 33, 47 . Thanks again, I am well pleased!"

Jerome's testimony : “Happy New Year to everyone, after having won 50 Euros in December 2012, you have helped me win € 1306.40 Wednesday 02/2013, luck is not only for everyone else, thanks again.”

Sylvie’s Testimony
Hello, Sylvie here, and I wanted to let you know that I got 4 lottery numbers this Monday June 10th which won me 1,704 Euros thanks to your system by playing with 10 Euros, and I wanted to thank you.

Jean-Luc's testimony
“Hello ! A quick note to say that I won the lottery on Saturday 19/01/2013. Once with 4 number and another time with 3 number using the System 25 series 5. It's a shame that I couldn't have all 5. The numbers 9/22/23/42/45. Lucky number 8.In the game I had 9/22/23 and in the other I had 22/23/42/45. Shame because I didn't have 5 winning with the lucky number, and no winning at number 5 either. Overall gain € 1884.10 Thanks !”

Testimony from Marie Thérèse on6/5/2014

The terrible mishap of Marie Thérèse at € 11 millions!

« I also wanted to tell you that I missed out on 11 millions euros on May 26th because I prepared my lotto (on Saturday May 31st, only one grid, with numbers: 3 – 8 – 32 – 39 – 40 and 1 as the Chance Number, for 2 weeks through the internet) from serie #1 of System 25. When I realized that it was released on May 26th (on my father’s birthday),I was pretty shaken upby it!!!! We could say that I took the numbers of May 26th and that I’ve played them on May 31st, but no, I did not look at the latest lotto drawings, and above all I would not lie to myself ! I just played 5 days late….I still got 2 numbers. So I simply wanted to say that I’ve almost hit the Jackpot, thanks to you. This is surely a way to tell me that it is coming…..the JACKPOT, and that your system works. »

How does the “System” work

The Idea that we have found is simple, we designed it for Euro Millions and UK lotto ! The concept of our system is the same for all lotteries. Below is a demonstration of how the system works, using Euro Millions as exemple. With The System : It’s impossible to predict the Winning Numbers (that’s Luck). We said to ourselves, if we could choose 5 numbers, not only from the 50 usual numbers, but also from a “special set” of only 25 , then automatically, we will have as much AS TWICE more chance of picking the right numbers !

If you choose 5 numbers out of 25 numbers rather than 50, you have 2 TIMES MORE CHANCE of picking the Winning Numbers! It’s hard to believe but it works!!!
The real advantage is based on the fact that our system is NOT based on luck. Any mathematician, regardless of where he comes from or even his era will attest to our system.“Choosing 5 numbers from 25 is as much AS TWICE MORE CHANCE than choosing from 50.” And that’s sure of being valuable for every draw.

This Diagram explains it better, see for yourself:

The fewer boxes there are to tick, the more chances we have of ticking the winning numbers.

It's mathematics ! Of course you will play on the regular lottery play-slips. Our grids with 25 boxes are actually one series of 25 chosen numbers.         

What does one of our series look like ?

The normal series of the Euro Millions starts like this 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 etc

One series from The System
has 25 numbers : it looks like this 3-4-5-7-9-10-12 etc...

The ADVANTAGE that you will have with this system IS CONSIDERABLE! Your chances of picking the right numbers are DRAMATICALLY INCREASED! You will not bet like a normal player with this System! And that’s a considerable advantage!

For The System to be efficient, one series of 29 numbers must contain at least 4 winning numbers, and ideally 5 winning numbers. The System regularly contains 4 or 5 Winning Numbers! That’s Exceedingly Excellent !

With 4 or 5 winning numbers out of 25
numbers, you will have exactly DOUBLE MORE CHANCE of having checked the right numbers. Simply put it’s an enormous advantage, especially if there is $100 Millions or more to gain! (You will find all our results from the drawings below, to attest to this) Being able to have as much AS TWICE MORE CHANCE of winning a Jackpot at 50 or 100 Millions is one big advantage, right? Thanks to our experience with Euro Million, we’ve created special series of numbers for UK lotto and Thunderball, which gives Excellent Results! (see below for more details)

What can you do with $100 Millions ? Dream a bit with this win…

Testimony by Fabrice. The Keno System is based on the same idea as the Powerball or Mega Millions System. « Hello, Just to tell you that I absolutely love your system ! It is the first time that I have 7 numbers when playing Keno ! I’ve never had morethan 5 numbers ! But I have to say that I regularly have 5 numbers since using System 25 and that is the proof that your System is really good. For now at Keno Ibenefit from it…As to Loto and Euromillions, it’s crazy how I regularly have 3 good numbers ! Otherwise I am not that far from 4 numbers, I always check the number right next to it ! All that to tell you that I am very confident and hopefull that one day I will hit the jackpot with your system. Sincerely, Fabrice"

And, Jerome won more after his taking of € 1,306 !
Good evening It's just to thank you for your services.....I am really happy to have discovered you site. Best luck for the future! I want to thank-you again in hopes that this continues.”


Is one series of 25 numbers enough ?

With the system, we have 10 valid series which regularly obtain at least 4 or 5 winning numbers in a single series. Actually there are thousands of ways to make a series of 25 numbers, but we only had to develop a small number (10) which are very regular and have at least 4 or 5 good numbers in them. All the difficulty is there and it's the choice of number from our series that makes it useful.

Making a list of 29 numbers is very easy, but the fact that they REGULARLY are made up of Winning Numbers is another challenge !
The System that you will receive is composed of 2 modules of 10 series of numbers, one module for the Euro Millions and one for the UK lotto and one for the thunderball. It's the optimal research of these numbers by the series which makes this system so worthwhile. You don't need anything else, and you will choose, for yourself, your numbers from our series to make your grids.

Our system does not give you the numbers to play, but can as much as double up your chances of finding them ! That is a good goal to achieve !

How to Play Using The System

The system is made up of 10 series of 25 numbers

Example of a series

2-5-6-7-9-10-13-15-19-20-21-23-26-27-28-30-33-35-38-39-41-43-45-48-50 You get optimum results by playing one grid for each of our ten series. But, you can do it differently if you would like.

This is how to play and it’s very simple.

You use the 10 series of numbers and regular lottery play-slips, or online at the National Lottery website

In the first series, you choose 5 numbers, randomly !

2-5-6-7-9-10-13-15-19-20-21-23-26-27-28-30-33-35-38-39-41-43-45-48-50 And you use your 5 numbers, for example 2-10-23-38-48 ,on the official lottery ticket. Remember to pick the lucky numbers or stars, which are not supplied with this system. You will notice that it’s easier to tick the right numbers because you are only choosing from 25 numbers instead of 50. Then, you do the same for all 10 series and that’s all! Our system does the work and, according to the draw, you will have up to TWICE MORE CHANCE of ticking the right numbers! And even if you do it randomly. It is this paradox that is surprising : it’s impossible to predict the right 5 numbers because chance cannot be predicted, but we still have to choose 5 ! So perhaps still do it randomly, but with MORE LUCK !


Jerome “ Good evening Dominique I’m inviting myself into your conversation regarding your comment. I have been using the System 25 lotto and Euro Millions for 8 months
Since then I have won 12 times with 2 NUMBERS and 4 TIMES WITH 3 NUMBERS and once with 4 NUMBERS. The system really works ! Jean Luc "Hello, just a quick note to let you know that I won the Saturday lottery 01/19/2013, once with 4 numbers and once with 3 numbers with series 5 from the system Total winnings €1884.10 thanks !"


The System has an exceptionally good record of delivering positive results!

For the next draw, will you play as usual or with MORE LUCK ?

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Here are 12 good reasons to use our System to play

The objectives are... But Also…. You can see the results ! It's a good idea full of common sense and a bit of help from a someone gifted in gambling that is worth more than all the calculation software available ! It's really a “great system”. No wizard, guru or “ultra-sophisticated” software. The advantage of our system is that is does NOT depend on luck.



The hardest thing was to get the numbers together, but we managed ! So we have a very simple system which works and doubles your chances of ticking the right numbers in the best case scenario ! We can't tell you if you are going to win, but you will tick the grid with almost 2 TIMES MORE CHANCE OF WINNING than your neighbour ! Would you know what to do with one million dollars? With 10 ? With $ 80 millions ? While waiting you can get closer to the jackpot with our “The System”

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The System that you will receive is composed of 3 modules of 10 series of numbers for Euro Millions and UK lotto and Thunderball

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Testimony by Jean-Charles : " By the way I am taking this opportunity to tell you that your system works very well, even if up to now I don’t get past 3 numbers with 1 or 2 star numbers. I have never seen any systems that efficient. !!!

Best Regards Jean-Charles "

Excellent performance from our system for the lottery ! Take a look and see. You will have, depending on the number of Winning Numbers that the series contains, the chance to double up your luck of ticking 4 or 5 numbers.

“Knowing the right combination ahead of time is impossible. But getting UP TO TWICE MORE CHANCE of picking the right numbers is possible !”

Please note: The lucky number of star numbers are not supplied

The ”System ”Euro Millions + UK lotto + Thunderball "and only £ 49 !

Order it securely with PayPal (fully secure) Click the “Buy Now” button below. You will receive it in less than 48 hours by email=> Please, remember to check in your Spam folder if you do not see our email in your inbox.


“Knowing the right combination ahead of time is impossible. But getting UP TO TWICE MORE CHANCE of picking the right numbers is possible!”



How to win the lottery ? The best way is to use our system !